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We continuously improve our platform by releasing new features, fixing bugs, and delivering updated documentation. You can read about these enhancements in our changelog.

February 2019


  • We launched the Subscription Commerce Manager, a web-based application that allows you to manage portions of your subscription program online. In this release, you can access the Reporting module, which allows you to access your sales data from anywhere, at any time. You can also create a personalized reporting dashboard with a unique view of your business.
  • You can now integrate with the cleverbridge GraphQL API. We currently offer two resources:
    • Reports object - gives you access to the information behind your bookmarked reports in the Business Intelligence (BI) so that you can integrate this data with your internal systems or build your own reporting solution
    • Product & Pricing object – retrieves real-time product, price, promotion, and geo IP data from the cleverbridge platform for use in customer web browsers
APIs & Integration
  • We added a Cancel Retry endpoint to the Cart API. When you manage your own subscriptions, you can use this API function to cancel a retry attempt that was scheduled after a failed payment.
APIs & Integration
  • We added an Update Internal Customer ID endpoint to the Subscription API. This can be used to synchronize your internal customer ID (CustomerReferenceId) with the cleverbridge customer ID (CustomerId), so that you can more easily identify customers that have multiple subscriptions.
APIs & Integration
  • To ensure that we can always send transactional information to your system via notifications, we will now give our notifications a Suspended status if your server times out. If the timeout lasts for 27 hours, we now inform Client Experience, who tries to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. For more information, see Manage Automated Notifications.
APIs & Integration
  • You can resend Suspended notifications yourself, using the Unsuspend button under Notification > General in the Commerce Assistant. For more information, see Manage Automated Notifications.
  • Subscription customers can now manage multi-product plans in our out-of-the-box, cleverbridge-hosted, Customer Self-Service UI. If you are interested in adding our UI to your assortment of self-service solutions, contact your Client Experience Manager.

Subscription Billing


  • We redesigned the Contextual Help panel in the Commerce Assistant (CA). It now gives you access to:
    • Updated content and a more modern design
    • Inline links that open the Client Support Center in a browser
    • Ability to print help topics directly from the CA
    • Dropdowns that allow users to hide/disclose help content
  • All context-sensitive help links in the Business Intelligence (BI) tool now open the Client Support Center directly. For more information, see User Interface.
  • We updated the Norton Secured seals on our checkout pages to reflect their acquisition by Digicert.
Checkout Process
  • We changed our content distribution network (CDN) to a new provider. This provides a quicker and better experience for your customers.
Checkout Process
  • We’ve updated our tax logic to comply with the introduction of Canadian sales tax in 2019. At first, this will only apply to the province of Québec.
Payments & Transactions
  • By default, new promotional discounts are now applied to the initial subscription billing interval only. To apply the discount to the entire subscription, you must unselect the Apply to subscription billing intervals checkbox under Promotion > Discount > Subscription Interval Settings in the Commerce Assistant.

Promotions & Recommendations


  • We fixed a bug causing the prices in some PaidOrderNotifications not to be rounded to the 3rd decimal place.
APIs & Integration
  • We fixed several bugs in the Commerce Assistant:
    • In the Purchases search area, a drop-down sub-filter is now available when you select Business Model as a primary filter.
    • In the Subscriptions search area, you can now open a particular subscription by double-clicking on it
    • In the Purchase viewer, PDFs now open when your default PDF reader is the browser, Microsoft Edge.
  • We fixed a bug affecting the tax calculation for some B2B sales.
Payments & Transactions