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About Dynamic Products

A dynamic product is a variation of a product that is created without having to change the original product or to create a brand new product. Dynamic products allow you to pass certain aspects of a product to the checkout process.

You can create a variation of the:

  • Product name
  • Price
  • Currency

Using Dynamic Products

It's best to use dynamic products for special, one-time use, such as one special pricing deal with a specific customer. Instead of creating a promotion that will only be used once and then remain in the Commerce Assistant, you can create a dynamic product.

Dynamic products are also useful when you have several products in your catalog or when your products change frequently. You can keep a core group of products and then create variations of those products to suit your business needs.

dynamic product

How it Works

Dynamic products are created in the Link Generator as parameters that are added to the URL. For more information, see Configure Dynamic Products.