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Commerce Assistant

The Commerce Assistant provides help to guide you through using the application. There are several ways to find information:

  • Introduction worksheets
  • Tool tips
  • Contextual help
  • Help Viewer
  • Video Tutorials

Introduction Worksheets

Every feature group includes an introduction worksheet that describes the features within the group and provides links for accessing them. The worksheets are displayed by default in the Navigation Bar. To close an introduction worksheet, click the x button on the worksheet. To reopen an introduction worksheet, select Help > View Introduction in the main menu. Choose the appropriate introduction.

For more information about feature groups, see About Workspaces.

Tool Tips

Roll your mouse pointer over fields or icons to get pop-up tool tips.

CA tooltip

Contextual Help

The Contextual Help panel on the right is used to display help content that dynamically changes for the portal or worksheet you are currently viewing. You can lock this content in place so that it doesn't dynamically change by clicking the Lock button on the top of the panel.

Click the Question Mark to open the panel.

CA contexual help viewer

Help Viewer

All of the help content can be accessed in the Help Viewer, including the same content that is found in the contextual help panel. In the Help Viewer, you can browse through the help to find the information you are looking for. The Help Viewer also contains more comprehensive information, including best practices and video tutorials.

To open the Help Viewer, click the Help Viewer button in the contextual help panel, or select Help > Help Viewer in the main menu. The following window opens.

CA help viewer

Video Tutorials

In the Help Viewer, you can watch Video Tutorials which walk you through some of the basic functions and features of the Commerce Assistant. The tutorials can be found in the Contents tab by clicking on the Video Tutorials folder.

CA video tutorial