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We continuously improve our platform by releasing new features, fixing bugs and delivering updated documentation.

April 2018


  • Our platform supports the payment method Boleto Flash for Brazilian customers.
  • When the customer choses a payment option that triggers a redirect, the confirmation page can be skipped from the checkout process flow.
  • Subscription-related notifications contain the new data item subscriptionItemRunningNumber within the recurringBilling object.
  • We introduced the notification type SubscriptionRenewalTypeChangedNotification, which is sent when the customer changes the subscription renewal type from automatic to manual or vice versa. For more information, see Notification Types.
  • The new Test Connection API allows you to check whether or not you can connect with our REST API service using your user credentials.
  • It is now possible to prevent any tracking from firing by setting a URL parameter. For more information, contact Client Experience.
  • The renewal and upgrade pages for subscriptions now support x-parameters.
  • When a customer changes the country on the review page, the VAT ID is validated a second time.


  • When calling the Process Cart API endpoint, any x-parameters are now added by default to both the initial purchase of the subscription and subsequent billing events.
  • The XML schema version for notifications has been updated to version, which includes new states for India and the United Arab Emirates. For more information, see Schema Definitions for Notifications.
  • The rounding logic in the price scale pop-up has been enhanced.
  • We adapted our platform to comply with new Visa requirements for processing payments in Icelandic krona (ISK).
  • To prevent downtimes of PayPal processing, we updated a payment processing endpoint.
  • We improved the performance of the Commerce Assistant by closing unused worksheets. For more information about worksheets, see About Workspaces.
  • We extended the logic that identifies broken scheduled reports and prevents them from being sent.


  • The American Express card refresher no longer throws an error.
  • Price validation calls are functioning properly.
  • The Generate Cart Preview API endpoint returns cart items when called with a product selection.
  • Taxes are recalculated for all reinstated subscriptions.
  • Transactions can be exported to a CSV file again.
  • When exporting transactions to a CSV file, the column header is no longer repeated.
  • The trust seal on our privacy policy no longer throws an error message.
  • The time zone setting for reports in Business Intelligence works properly with relative time periods again.
  • When a customer converts a quote into a purchase with the payment option purchase order, the purchase is correctly processed. For more information about purchase orders, see About Purchase Orders.
  • Price rules are correctly applied for recommendations on the confirmation page. For more information about price rules, see About Price Configurations.
  • The retry logic for subscription billing is automatically activated.
  • Business Intelligence allows you to filter for products lists.